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I think I’ll keep him :)

Today is a grand day!! Today you get to see my kitchen!!

As I have mentioned many times before, my kitchen is extremely tiny with no storage space and a depressing amount counter space. Despite all this, it is still my favorite place to be.
As of last night I have a new addition that solves A LOT of my space issues!

See, my Nerd is a bit of a Renaissance Man and can do anything. Yes, anything (including renovating his mother’s entire house, skylights and all). After two long years of suffering in our tiny kitchen, he whipped up a large shelf for the kitchen last night in his wood shop!! I love love LOVE him:)

Check it out!!!

As you can see, the top shelf is a bit empty (will be heading to IKEA soon for more jars), Nerd has two of his own shelves for his specialty beer glass collections, and at the bottom is an area for recycling!

So here is the view of my kitchen as of this morning before making David Lebovitz’s German Chocolate Cake (I will post that next week if it came out as delicious as it should)!


In the cabinets now are all the appliances that we were having to keep in a storage bin in the closet! Yipeee!

Nerd’s next project: An island. Nothing fancy, but more work space!!!
Pictures soon!

ps. Note empty wine rack under left shelf! :(:(
pps. Notice all my IKEA items :):)


Fun Fun!!

One of the lovely children that I babysit gave me these guys for my birthday (she especially liked that they had butts)! I cooked with them tonight and they kept a grin on my face, as I would hang them over the mixing bowls exposing their arses.
I recommend them for gifts for Christmas you can find them here.

Also… HAPPY Turkey Week!!!! Kristamas (my birthday) falls on T-Day this year!! Fun!

Take a look at my card table!! Covered with everything I plan to cook with this week!

Stay tuned to catch a glimpse of what I’m cooking this week!!
I already made this and these.