About Krista

Hello All!!!!

I graduated from Texas State University in San Marcos, TX December 2009. I am currently applying for grad school programs in Occupational Therapy. My Nerd of 5 years and I finally wed on July 3, 2010, honey-mooned in Paris for a month, and moved permanently to San Francisco in August 2010. Basically,
I hail from a small town famous for sausage. Yes, sausage. Until about 3 years ago, I seriously ate every meal in my car or the restaurant I was working at!!! My other half, Nerd, decided cooking looked like fun; I soon realized the fun to be had, and inevitably took over the kitchen!!! I am still learning, and would love to share my journey of learning to cook with ya’ll!! The recipes I post are real. Obviously they are real, but I mean, everyday occurrences in my kitchen. This includes but is not limited to: all-time favorite recipes from my roots, recipes from magazines, friends, family members, and more than likely other blogs:)

Please leave feedback, as I am always a fan of learning the error of my ways!


Please contact me for any questions or comments at kristacular27 at gmail dot com


4 comments so far

  1. Debbie Gaston on

    I love your weblog!!!! I can’t wait to make the soup. It seems like the perfect dinner for Saturday….what do you want for Sunday? Or maybe we can have it Sunday and make it together??? Love, Mom

  2. Stacey Graham on

    Hi Krista,
    I joined Spark People earlier this month. I’ve really enjoyed counting calories and water intake, fitness logs etc. I am also a member of Premeire Lady (westgate). I love the cardio funk class. Have you tried it yet? Anyway, I am on my way there if I could get off Facebook and Sparkpeople!
    I love to cook. I would love to put together a cookbook one day too. My current favorite guide to cooking is Martha Stewart’s Everyday food. I love picking out the healthy meals I plan for the week. They are always getting me outside the box to try new ingredients. I bought wheat germ and bulgur and have cooked with them.

  3. katie on

    HEY!! Explain to me orange zest. I don’t get it. I know… pathetic. Help… 🙂

  4. kristacooks on

    HAHA! I love your pathetic-ness. Zesting a citrus fruit adds a great PUNCH of flavor. You zest with a cheese grater or there are actual zesting tools, just run the citrus over the grater until you get down to the pith – which is the whitish layer of skin underneath the shiny outermost layer! YUM!

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