Reason #127 and #128 I fail at baking

Two super epic baking fails in two weeks??? Me? You better believe it. I never really share my fails with you, but I do fail. And often!

Just two weeks ago I decided to whip up Cooking Light’s healthier carrot cake (um…. Don’t even get me started about one slice of carrot cake being 1200 calories!!!). As I was mixing up the frosting I couldn’t help but cuss out my beaters, yelling to Nerd that I needed a stand mixer asap. I obviously couldn’t cook another day without equipment that didn’t read my mind. In other words, I thought it was the beaters fault for my frosting to be ridiculously sticky. Finally, I tasted it and knew immediately I’d made DOUGH, not frosting!! the one problem of buying in bulk and placing in Glass canisters is that if I don’t look at the bottom, where I’ve written the contents, I might use flour instead of powdered sugar. That was awesome(ish) at least I made the cake even healthier! It was still prety tasty:)

Then, last night, I mixed up my favorite chocolate cake so Nerd could practice his decorating skills, he proceeded to taste it (because it’s generally awesome) and asked why I made a brown salt cake? Say whaaaaa? Yeah so basically, I’m super glad it was a practice cake because I forgot to put in sugar. Seriously!? Who does that???

So here is why I have problems baking: I have ADD in the kitchen and end up doing dishes while sautéing, cleaning out the fridge, or starting something with my left hand while mixing with the right.

I’ve even been known to go to the laundry room while sautéing onions. Oh that happened last night too. Which leads me to why I prefer cooking to baking…. You can fix your mistakes! I made a few last night while whipping up this delish white bean and onion bake. But it was Alllll good in the end! White beans (or cannellini) are my current favorite. You could be fine with just a sprinkle of thyme! I was in the mood for some healthy comfort food so I created this dish to fulfill that desire while cleaning out the fridge! Easy, efficient, and delicious! My favorite!


White Bean and Onion Bake

1 can of white beans or 1/2 cup soaked and boiled until desired tenderness is reached
Olive oil
2 onions sliced in half moons
1 cup chopped kale (or other greens
3 oz shredded sharp cheddar

*I had 2 links of jalapeño chicken sausage that needed to be used, but you could easy make this vegetarian, or I think it’d be really good with chopped bacon.

Peheat oven to 350 degrees.

Sauté the onions in the olive oil until golden brown, turn off fire and add the chopped kale and thyme*. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

In a baking dish, Layer 1/2 the white beans, onions, sausage, and a little cheese, repeat until all ingredients are gone.

Bake until cheesy and bubbly!

* after doing laundry, I had a few crispy onions and then forgot to add the thyme, salt, and pepper and had to mix up all my nice layers in the baking dish to add them!

Moral of this story is that everyone messes up in the kitchen so don’t be discouraged:)



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