Sweet Potato Experiments

For the longest time, I would wander through the produce section and look dreamily towards the sweet potatoes wondering why they were there if it wasn’t November or December. What a waste.

But guess what?!

I have two amazing, quick, and EASY options for your sweet potatoes! I am always looking for meals/sides I can prep on Sunday and munch on throughout the week. Every week I have the hardest time deciding which of the two following spices to use!

Littlest over at The Schell Cafe loves sweet potatoes cubed and tossed with olive oil and cinnamon in a ziploc, and that was the original go-to snack of mine.

Until the fabulous guys over at the The Bitten Word posted a slight variation. They claimed that cubed sweet potatoes tossed with olive oil and fajita seasoning (I use the chicken variety) would please anyone.



I decided to try these out one night when I had a group of my favorite guinea pigs over for dinner! 3/5 of us supposedly disliked sweet potatoes. I told them that it was hypothesized by the chaps over there that anyone would love them.


After observing and collecting data, the conclusion of this experiment supported our hypothesis! Not only did all 3 of them totally dig the potatoes, a few beers and games of wii bowling later they were digging through my fridge looking for the remaining cubes.

So try them I say, you will be pleasantly surprised (and so will your guinea pigs).


Disclaimer: If you have guinea pigs, I wouldn’t recommend dropping the leftovers in the bowl, don’t know how the olive oil would do in their squeaky little systems!



4 comments so far

  1. Carol on

    I bake and eat sweet potatoes year round! So delicious, and good for you, too.

    That kitten and guinea pig photo might be the cutest thing I’ve every seen…

  2. Twiga on

    Sooooo cute the photo!! ^^ ^^

  3. lifeisgoodwithfood on

    Omigod, do you have a guinea pig? It’s SO adorable! I’m a guinea pig freak lover 🙂 And I love your sweet potato meal – it looks amazing! Usually I just eat it steamed, then cut in half and topped with some dark chocolate peanut butter and almond butter. It tastes delicious that way too, plus I stay full of hours on the good fats and carbs! Yum! =)

  4. […] This dressing is so good on so many different salads. A favorite alternative to the Shrimp salad includes leftover holiday ham and cubed cinnamon sweet potatoes! […]

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