Save Money on Groceries!!

I am so embarrassed at how long it has been since I’ve posted on kristacooks 😦 I have shamefully been eating Lean Cuisines and convenience foods. This semester has been a black pit of misery so far! But it is SPRING BREAK (even though it is 40 degrees outside). So I am perusing my “Recipes to try” bookmark folder! So expect some new stuff this week! 

Now on to the money saver! 

Have you heard of Angel Food Ministries?

This is a GREAT program, especially now that everyone is aching in the financial department these days!

My mom orders these kits once a month to help with my teenage brother’s eating habits (not to mention the other boys that practically live there).
The boxes are an assortment of various dietary needs,they include: Meat, vegetables, eggs, milk, even desserts!

There are so many different options!!!!

Right now they have:

Senior’s/On-The-Go menu full of prepared meals for 28 bucks!

Regular box to feed a family of four for a WEEK for only 30 bucks!! (Nerd and I could live off this for 3 weeks)!

They also have other specials each month, this month they are offering a Mom’s Easter Sunday Box!!

I would definitely recommend looking into this!! Even if you ordered one box a month for $30.00 you could lower your grocery bill immensely by supplementing the contents of the box with a bit of necessities a week!

Let me know how it works out for you!!

p.s. They also accept EBT food stamps (as do most Farmer’s Markets these days)!!


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  1. Maris on

    great blog! I think we could ALL use help saving money on groceries.

  2. Krista, thanks for helping to spread the word about Angel Food Ministries. There are many families in dire need of what Angel Food has to offer, and I’m not just talking about the food. I’m talking about the compassion that host sites have for their hurting communities.

    God Bless, and Keep Cooking!

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