Kitchen Remodel Complete!

Ha. Complete for now. We will see how long it takes for Nerd to think of something new to build! Speaking of him, Nerd informed me he’d much rather be called Stud, so I’m thinking of labeling him Stud Formerly Known as Nerd. But that’s a lot more work on my part… And I digress. Anywhoooo!

I know I promised German Chocolate cupcakes, but I am just too darn excited to share my new kitchen additions, so those will have to wait in line. Plus, it leaves all of you in suspense. Right?! Well you could go scour David’s blog But wouldn’t that be more work for you?!

Man I’m getting good at procrastinating and the semester just started yesterday! So just check out the pics!!!


Sorry the sun would not cooperate. But here is my new functional island with the wing down!  

Does anyone spy my new cuisinart gadget I’m uber excited to play with?! It’s tiny so I’ll just tell you: Immersion Blender. YES!


Wing up! I’m serious, this is more counter space then I was naturally endowed with…. Take that as you wish. 


Here is my favorite part, as if there could be just one, the pot rack, the cutting board slot, and the white stool. Wait that’s three…


And this. This is so simple, yet so utterly beautiful compared to the pile of gadgets I had in this drawer before. Really it was a mess. I love having things that force me to be organized, because without them… well, you probably already know.


Sorry the picture isn’t centered. Wait is it even in focus? Oh well, I’m in a hurry! These little trays will save me from the torture of digging through stacks of spices to find the ones I so desperately need at the last minute, whilst knocking every other one down in the process.

So all in all, my small 5×8 (or whatever it is) kitchen is like, totally awesome! And all these renditions, shelves and all cost less than $75 bucks (not including Nerd/Stud’s collection of power tools). 

Back to foodstuffs tomorrow!!

3 comments so far

  1. Carlye on

    That is amazing! What an awesomely handy “nerd” you have! I do request German Chocolate Cupcakes to be posted before April 4th because i need them for my brother’s baby shower! I love your blog and wish I was as good in the kitchen as you!

  2. saucymomma on

    Can Nerd come to my house?!?! This is awesome.

  3. Maris on

    You definitely have a keeper! I especially love the island.

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