Fun Fun!!

One of the lovely children that I babysit gave me these guys for my birthday (she especially liked that they had butts)! I cooked with them tonight and they kept a grin on my face, as I would hang them over the mixing bowls exposing their arses.
I recommend them for gifts for Christmas you can find them here.

Also… HAPPY Turkey Week!!!! Kristamas (my birthday) falls on T-Day this year!! Fun!

Take a look at my card table!! Covered with everything I plan to cook with this week!

Stay tuned to catch a glimpse of what I’m cooking this week!!
I already made this and these.

2 comments so far

  1. saucymomma on

    How cute are those guys?!!? I so wish I could be part of your cooking and baking frenzy. I hope this is your best birthday week ever!

  2. Anna on

    Hi Krista,

    Thanks so much for stopping by Cookie Madness. That pumpkin roll is from Sandra in Houston. If I hear from her, I’ll let her know you liked it :).

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