I love mushrooms!!! The other night when I had mi familia y mis amigos over for dinner I used my favorite simple mushroom recipe found on PW’s site by Pastor Ryan to make as a side for manicotti.

I love shallots and I love mushrooms and this recipe is UH-MAZING! See the above link for pictures and original recipe. I make a few small changes and voila! I make this mix about once a week. It’s inexpensive and versatile – I eat it plain, mix with green beans, or scramble with my eggs, etc.

I don’t go by “poundage” on my mushrooms, just buy whatever, and then use 4-5 shallots because I love them so much.

Cremini mushrooms
shallots to taste
shot of EVOO
1.5 t of butter
SALT to taste

Dash your warm pan with EVOO, add mushrooms, then SALT (ok so Pastor Ryan was NOT kidding, one time I forgot to add salt, and everything looked different and tasted not as delectable), stir until mushrooms are reduced and looking mighty fine, taste to see if ‘shrooms are salty enough for you. If not, you know what to do.
Add butter and onions and stir constantly until onions are tender.


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  1. saucymomma on

    You’ve been busy. These look delicious. I missed the recipe on PW. It would be yum on grilled panini sandwiches too. As soon as I find my mushroom soup recipe from the bottom of one of my boxes, I’ll give it too you. It’s great if you love mushrooms.

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