My “Go-To” Soup – Asparagus…

Ok so this may sound/look very unappealing to some of you. But holy goodness it is yum.

As a child I thought me mum was deliriously disgusting to eat this… but as I have grown to love asparagus and it’s natural breaking point (which I find very human-esque) it’s my favorite:)

One can of Campbell’s Cream of Asparagus Soup
One can filled with milk (as directions… direct)
One can of asparagus pieces [or approximately 1.5 cups of chopped steamed asp. (The more the better)]
Salt and Pepper

Warm in a soup pan to your liking. Add S&P to taste

One of the many reasons I love my job:
The other night I took this soup to babysit two crazy gals and the 4 year old was all, “EEEWWW STINKY! GROSS! BLAH!” Which naturally made the 2 yr old want to try it SO BAD. I put a bit on her dinner plate.. AND AND AND she chose the soup over her favorite pizza.. Which, also rather naturally, compelled her sister to try it… and she too LOVED IT. But she did admit she wouldn’t like her mom to cook it as a meal, she would only like to have it when I came over:)

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  1. saucymomma on

    We should try it chez moi some night too. Although at 2 and 4 I bet they are less hateful of all things green than my Littles!

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