My Favorite By-product of Halloween!

Roasted pumpkin seeds!!!!

PLEASE for the love of Zeus, don’t toss these delectable crunchies! I know so many people that just toss them right in the trash! What a monstrosity! Seriously, they are so easy and delicious and if you don’t like them, after you roast them… PLEASE call me. I will be over shortly to pick them up.

You should know how to do this already… but just incase you don’t (which you should) now you do!!!

After you carve your witty/spooky pumpkin.. or just puree the sucker up for your Fall baking needs…
Rinse the seeds WELL. It’s ok if there are a few straggling strands, they will be roasted off. Set your oven to 350 degrees.

Spread your seeds in a baking dish, and add ~1 T of olive oil and sprinkle generously with salt.

Bake until golden brown – or listen for the pops:)

LOVE IT! We should roast some seeds and watch Sweeney Todd… that is so what I’m in the mood for right now! I would REALLY love to see the Sweeney Todd production at the Paramount next weekend, but their tickets are going up, up, up in price :/


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  1. saucymomma on

    These are also my favs….only this year I forgot to even buy pumpkins. Please don’t tell the children!

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